Winter Boat Storage

Full Winterization of  engine and outdrive included in our storage

No Waiting List on boats purchased  from us!




2021/22 Winter  Boat Storage



Storage reservation forms were mailed  out Aug 1st

Please sign and return your form by the cut-off date - Sept 5th 

in order to hold your winter storage spot


Winter Storage spaces  will be released if we do not receive your

storage agreement back by deadline 

Please do not assume that your spot is automatically held!

We need your storage form back to gaurentee your winter storage spot


Customers on our Waiting List  who have not received a call from

us may call us to check availability after Sept 6th




Healthy Boat    ♦    Healthy Environment

** Shrinkwrap and Parker Marine **

Parker Marine does not shrinkwrap boats!


Shrinkwrap is not good for your boat or the environment

Any boats that are stored in our outside storage areas are covered with

a biodegradable tarp after we build a structural framing tent to

support tarp/snow

There is no additional charge for this proceedure